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About Ryan Cunningham

Ryan Cunningham of Michigan is an educational leader with over two decades of experience in schools. Ryan is a retired superintendent who has built a reputation over the course of his career for his skills in strategic planning, staff recruitment, team building, and curriculum alignment. Previously, Ryan was a principal, director, and teacher and he has personally spent years contributing to positive learning environments for staff and students alike.

In addition to Ryan Cunningham’s work as superintendent, he has served as a football, softball, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball coach. Ryan enjoys coaching to teach young people important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and perseverance. In these roles, Ryan draws from his own experience in sports where he was a player at Haslett High School, Adrian College, on the Jackson Bombers, and the Kalamazoo Tornadoes.

Within the education industry, Ryan Cunningham is known for his profound commitment to staff and students, empowering them to reach their goals and find their place within effective, structured, and positive learning environments. Ryan Cunningham’s experience as superintendent is underlined by successes such as leading his district through a pandemic, maintaining high degrees of student achievement, and creating an effective school safety program. Ryan understands that students, staff, and administrators combine to form enriching educational environments and consistently work to find innovative ways to facilitate success.

Areas of Expertise

Ryan Cunningham has honed a variety of skills through his experience in the education space. A few of his most frequently cited skills and areas of expertise include:

  • Educational Leadership
  • Management
  • Team Building
  • Curriculum Alignment
  • Project Management
  • Finance (Budgeting and Accounting)
  • Human Resources
  • Student/Staff Advocacy
  • Negotiations
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
  • School Safety
  • Staff Recruitment
  • Strategic Development

In addition to these skills, Ryan holds certifications such as Michigan Teaching Certificate, Michigan Administrator Certificate, Diversity Training certificate, Title IX Compliance, and is AED and CPR Certified.

Interested in More from Ryan Cunningham, (Retired) Superintendent?

One thing that Ryan Cunningham of Michigan has learned from his time in the educational industry is that access is important at every step of the way. When we can keep people informed and help them foster success on their own terms, the result is that students and staff alike are able to better contribute to positive learning environments.

Ryan Cunningham Superintendent

Through content based on Ryan Cunningham’s insights and experiences as a superintendent, principal, educator, and coach, this site hopes to inspire readers to learn more about key topics associated with Ryan’s areas of expertise.

Content explored on RyanCunninghamMichigan.com will include topics such as:

Education Resources

Resources that demystify the educational industry, its processes, important considerations, challenges, you name it, can be very beneficial for improving access to key information. As an advocate of improving access and contributing to important conversations in the field, Ryan hopes to include a variety of content that breaks down vital education topics. Education resources will explore the space from a variety of perspectives, including information helpful for students, their guardians, educators, staff, administrators, and institutions alike.

Athletics and Coaching

Aside from educational leadership, participating in coaching and athletics is one of Ryan Cunningham’s favorite ways to show his commitment to young people’s success. Athletics and coaching posts will draw from Ryan’s experience and share his insights on concepts such as teamwork, practice, sportsmanship, and more.

Community Service

Ryan Cunningham

Giving back to our communities goes a long way towards building and maintaining positive environments for all. Resources exploring community service processes, initiatives, best practices, and effective methods, therefore, play an essential role in helping people find their place and contribute as much as possible. Readers can expect community service content featured on RyanCunninghamMichigan.com to include a diverse range of topics. Effective ways to get more involved, the intersect between education and community service, and insights from Ryan’s own experiences are just a few examples.

Professional Development

As a professional who has served as an educational leader for over two decades, Ryan Cunningham of Michigan knows that professional development is incredibly helpful for helping individuals refine their skills and grow. For this reason, Ryan Cunningham’s experience as superintendent was marked by continuous efforts to help staff on their path towards success within the educational field and beyond. Whether you are in search of additional learning opportunities as an educator or administrator, developing a clearer understanding of important considerations within the educational space, or simply want to know which skills can prepare you for the rigors of the industry, this platform has you covered!

Industry News

One of the most interesting things about the education industry is that it is constantly growing and evolving to make way for new best practices, standards, technologies, applications, etc. to the benefit of students and staff alike. This also means that keeping up with updates and important news is critical for those who want to remain in the know and on the cutting-edge. Content exploring educational industry news will be added to this site with the goal of helping readers stay informed and adapt to changes, trends, and pressing challenges.

If you would like to learn more about education, coaching, professional development, and more from the insights of Ryan Cunningham, superintendent and coach, feel free to tune in for more informative content.